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A collection of work that explores my personal voice and visual expression. 


"An exploration into the space we occupy as we transition through the different phases of our lives." 

Date: 2012
Location: Tucson, AZ
Materials: Black house paint, one paintbrush, kite string, tape, paper. 
Tech: iPhone 4, Framograph.

Shown through a projector at the University of Arizona 2012 BFA Exhibition, this piece is about a Tucson neighborhood and my process of painting—or moving—through it as time passes. Five images from the back, front, and sides of the home are layered together to create a cluttered, power line ridden landscape. The exploration started with the physicality of the process, how the painter moves through time and experiences painting the neighborhood as a metaphor for the structures we build and spend our time in before eventually moving on. By the time the film was shown, the exploration had grown and compounded by building a small following of friends and neighbors, showing the sense of community our spaces can build when we put effort into them. 

*Also, about the film—This was shot on an iPhone4 with an app called Framograph. The temperature was up in the 90's so I constructed a little shade canopy out of straws and watercolor paper to keep the phone cool while filming, with an extension cord running around the back. I painted everyday from 6am to 12pm for a week, with my little iPhone4 clicking a photo every few seconds. The quality on the video could be better, but looking back I think the shoddiness makes it kind of charming. 



The mural work was heavily inspired by the artist BLU. The video below plays with animating murals the way BLU does in his work. 


Tucson Portrait


Tile Turtles


Snake Lady