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Brand Identity

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Design Brief: BOOM! Studios needed a way to represent all four of it's publishing imprints in one image for their new mobile comics app. 

Solution: A scalable, modular, identity that represents each imprint with it's color and line art from a popular comic series in that imprint. This identity is now used not only on the mobile app, but across the company's brand in digital marketing and convention booth design. 


Duration: 1 month

Role: Branding, Visual Design


BOOM! Studios began as one imprint. As the company grew they expanded to developing a kids line, KaBOOM!, acquiring Archaia, and developing a zine/indie line called BOOM!Box. To represent all four imprints at once, I took each imprint's color and line art from popular series to make modular bricks.  


This has become an integral part of BOOM! Studios branding, used in everything from digital marketing to convention booth design. The imprint logos are shown on the left, and the incorporated asset on the right.