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PRIME School Onboarding Flow


Overview: PRIME School is a new charter school opening in Los Angeles in 2018. We were asked to help PRIME design a digital platform for their “Point of View” course framework, which involves students working directly with community partners on real world design challenges. 

Challenge: Our focus is on the POV course. We want to make sure the communication between partners, teachers, and students is easy, clear, and ongoing.

Solution: We designed an onboarding flow for potential community partners to pitch their challenges and start communication with PRIME School. This is a place where community members can find out about the POV course, provide information to PRIME School, and begin the application process to becoming a partner. 

Role: UX Design Lead. I lead the overall process and managed the product through to the end deliverable.

Type: Pro bono

Platform: Web

Deliverables: Competitor Analysis, User Personas, User Flows, Sketches, Wireframes, Clickable Prototype, Hi-fidelity mock-up. 

Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Invision, Whiteboarding.




In our first talk with PRIME School, we came away with a wide scope of needs for the POV course.  
• The need for a tool that facilitates easy communication between mentors, students, teachers, administration.
• The need for a place to document and archive projects. 
• The need for a centralized hub for information

Since this is a new school, and the POV course is still in its concept phase, we studied comparable systems and found users in similar roles for our research. We began with competitor analysis, looking into student portals, messaging systems, and other peer to community service organizations. We also conducted user interviews with community volunteers, students, teachers, and admin who organize community service projects. 


Community Partner Persona

Bethany Holloway.png

Bethany Holloway

35  |  Restaurant Owner  |  Los Angeles, CA

Part of my job, as a human, is to use whatever skills & talents I have to the benefit of someone else.

• Wants to make a positive difference
• Wants to provide solutions or propose solutions to social concerns
• Wants to encourage anyone she works with to think outside the box and be innovative

• Has limited time and resources
• Has a hard time identifying volunteer opportunities



Teacher Persona

Brian Ellington.png

Brian Ellington

32 | Teacher | Los Angeles, CA

I love what I do. It keeps me coming back.

• Wants the students to have a meaningful experience.
• Wants to push boundaries and encourage students to make decisions.
• Wants to worry less about logistics and focus more on the students.

• Limited resources.
• Juggling a lot of responsibilities.
• Very Busy.



Student Persona

Jess Garcia.png

Jess Garcia

15  |  Sophomore  |  Los Angeles, CA

I want to make something that has meaning.

• Involved in her community and active in student groups.
• To have a strong voice in subjects that matter to her.
• She’s most interested in writing and film. 

• Being treated like a kid.
• Feeling like her voice isn’t heard.


We learned that our users are self driven and purpose driven, but are also very busy. When it comes to working together on projects, it’s important that everyone is on the same page from the beginning. We took this insight to narrow our scope and focus on the initial interaction between PRIME School and the Community Partner.   


How might we help convey the specifics of the POV course to community partners, and make the sign-up process easy and efficient for both potential community partners, and PRIME School?

• Design a simple and effective onboarding site for community members to sign-up to be partners in the POV course.
• This will be a place where community members can find exactly what the class is, how it works, what is needed from them, what is delivered to them, and they can submit a proposal straight from the site. 
• We want this to stand out as a feature of PRIME School with clean and current visual design. 
• Design to scale so eventually this site can be a hub of information for everything POV. 


We locked in user flows of the two main users, the PRIME School teacher and the community partner, and how they can use the onboarding site to connect. We also ideated on how this website can scale to eventually become a place for archiving, tracking, and communicating between projects. 


Wireflow for onboarding process.

Refined wireflow diagram of onboarding process. 


Language and layout: A major goal was to make sure we were setting expectations for the course from the beginning. We focused on developing engaging copy that was clear and understandable, in sizable chunks broken up with visuals. We tested rounds of greyscale wireframes on users to refine our copy, layout, design, and organization. 


Visual Design: Our final pass implemented the visual design choices. This was a rewarding process for me, being able to step back from being the visual designer and instead help my teammates work through the visual design challenges by giving feedback and providing revisions. 


Homepage progression

Form Progression




Our final deliverable is a hi fi clickable prototype of the onboarding flow, with suggestions and concepts for scaling later on. 


The best part of this project was having each team member take on roles that were new to each of us. I learned a lot about keeping organized and giving effective feedback. I also learned how amazingly important the right questions are. I think, by pushing a little further with questions in our initial stakeholder interview, we could have narrowed our scope sooner and saved time by not conceptualizing for ideas outside of our minimal viable product. Our final pitch to the client was rewarding in that it felt like we designed something PRIME could:

• build and launch within their budget and time constraints.
• use effectively with this first round of the POV course.
• continue to develop as the course and school grows.

I would love to see this project continue to develop to eventually become a place for archiving projects, organizing schedules, tracking information, and communicating between the groups of users.